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Research project: SALIG++

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Stockholm at Danderyd University Hospital has received funding for SALIG++ (Smart Assisted Living Involving Informal Caregivers), an EU-project that is part of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL), call 5.

The project SALIG++ intends to develop an all-in-one device for persons with moderate cognitive impairment after acquired brain injury and persons with mild and moderate dementia. The device will be able to monitor and respond to the users’ needs of support to keep an independent life despite their cognitive impairment with possibilities for remote support from significant others and formal caregivers.

The first step in the project was to examine the target group needs and requirements. A scoping review and focus groups with persons with cognitive impairment, significant others and health care professionals were conducted. After that user requirement specifications for design and functionalities of the SALIG++ device were formulated. In the next step a mock-up was developed and evaluated. Interviews with persons with cognitive impairment, significant others to persons with cognitive impairment and formal caregivers were conducted. Based on the results a first prototype is being developed in an iterative process with technicians and designers in the project. The usability of the prototype will be examined in user tests.

The first mock-up. (Video)

Technical solution

Technical solution.

EU-project “Smart Assisted Living involving Informal careGivers++
: June 2013 – May 2016
: AAL Joint Programme. Vinnova, Sweden
: 4 175 000 Euro


Stockholm University, Sweden (project coordinator)
Department of Rehabilitation medicine, Danderyds University Hospital, Sweden (end user) 
PIAP, Poland (university)
TU Delft, Netherlands (university)
Actimage, Luxemburg (SME)
Almende, Netherlands (SME)
Divitel, Netherlands (SME) 
HI Iberia, Spain (SME)

Inga-Lill Boman OTR, PhD

Ann-Christine Persson, OTR, Research assistant