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Guest dialysis treatment

The guest dialysis unit at Danderyd hospital in Stockholm offers you highly professional treatment and care.

You will appreciate the highly knowledgeable and genuinely friendly staff that is on hand to make your time spent at the centre as pleasant as possible. Quality of Care is a natural concern which is why we pursue to offer you the best possible treatment.

We accept the European Health Insurance card. For guests travelling from outside the EU we request cash payment in advance. The cost per treatment is 4 500 SEK. Coffee, tea and sandwiches are included.

Before your visit
You are obliged to bring your own medications, including drugs like erythropoises stimulating agent, iron and vitamin D. In order to treat you, we must ask you to get the "Treatment Prescription Form" (see link in the right column) signed by you physician. We need to receive the form 2 weeks in advance.

For guest dialysis treatment reservation please send an e-mail to Anneli Nilsson,
As long as there are slots available you are most welcome to visit us.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 7 am-8 pm
Saturday – Sunday 7 am-3 pm

How to get here
The hospital is located 10 minutes from Stockholm city centre, by metro. The metro station is located right next to the main entrance. Please take the red metro line from the city centre towards Mörby Centrum. Get off at Danderyds Sjukhus, the last stop before Mörby Centrum.

Se map for location at hospital