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Ostomyfood - For people with other exits

- We who work with stoma patients get the question "What can I eat now?" every day. With this cookbook we want to provide you with suggestions for different dishes. So we asked a number of chefs and food-creators to come up with ideas for foods that are suitable for different occasions. As you will see, this food isn't very different from ordinary food, which you will see. Actually you can easily experiment yourself, with small amounts at the time.

Things to bear in mind right after the operation
In many recipes there are onions and other foods rich in fibres that can cause problems, especially right after the stoma operation. This is the case whether the onions are for raw, cooked, boiled, or fried onions alike. Ingredients that cause gas are rutabaga, peas, beans, and bread rich in fibres, especially with whole grain meal.

Certain foods, like pasta, rice, and bananas, produce more solid ostomy output, whereas foods like plums, pears, sugar, cordial, and sometimes wine, can make the output looser. Depending on your situation you can exchange ingredients in the recipes or simply exclude them.

This book also includes suggestions for people who work with stomapatients, with instructions and ingredients you for making simple and tasty dishes in a hospital kitchen, with limited resources.


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Photographer: Athina Strataki

Stage manager: Ingela Tanaka

Make Up Artist: Olle Sodgy

Art Director: Jonas Svedberg

Proof reader: John Litell

Translator: Lars Ahlström

Project manager: Danderyd Hospital Surgery & Urology ward Maria Gylfe

Examination of recipes: Professor chief physician Rolf Hultcrantz Karolinska University Hospital

Chefs and food creators: Ann Stål, Carl Gustawson, Daniel Farinotte, Fredrik Johansson, Leila Söderholm, Marlene Gustawson, and Sanna Änggård